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The Nurse Piercer

Karissa Richtmyer, BSN, RN, CCRN

Trust Your Ears With A Nurse 

I provide safe, sterile, single use piercings in the comfort of your own home for a stress free experience!


Home Visits

Does dragging all your kids to the mall for an ear piercing sound like a chore? Now you can stay home! I proudly serve families all over Massachusetts

Piercings for all ages

Want to get your little one's ears pierced? I have clients of all ages starting as young as four months old


Perfect for birthdays, bachelorettes, grand openings, open markets, and more!


“I cannot recommend Karissa highly enough -she was so good with Lucy (who was so nervous) and I felt so rest assured knowing she is a nurse! ”

-Erin K.


"Quick, efficient and very convenient! Highly recommend!!!"

-Brandon D.

Kelly L.

"Instead of going to a piercing shop we went with Karissa for my 6 year old's ear piercing. She was so great and my daughter was much more comfortable at home!
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